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About me, short story

Hi, my name is Sven. I am converting my coffee to code at Loxxess IT in Wuerzburg (Bavaria). We are using test-driven development for Our in-house warehouse management system so we constantly improve and extend the functionality. My focus is here on core, web-apis and testing.

My previous job was at 4Sellers GmbH in Rain am Lech (Bavaria). With 4Sellers you control your entire e-commerce in one solution. I am in the area Shopsystem by offering our customers a future-proof webshop. Apart from the basic shop, we also offer customer-specific solutions. Again, I'm working as a backend developer.

My developer position at Iris-Solutions GmbH for approx 3 years in Wuerzburg (Bavaria). Here I was actively working as a developer on C # Blazor-Server as well as .NET customer projects. I also worked as an app developer on the very successful Buffalo One App that is part of the Bueffeln.Net app group is. There I developed new features. I developed the Büffeln-One app with Xamarin . My field of activity as a backend developer / web developer or app developer also included technical support for an asp.NET project that we developed together with a hospital and a clinical study. For this I also worked as a backend developer and frontend developer.
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I started my career in electrotechnic and worked in the electronic development for a year. Here my interest on computer and systems grow. Therefore i also wanted to do develop mysqlf in the informatic area and decided to study Business Informations Systems

  • Birthyear 1992
  • Age: 30
  • Website:
  • City: Würzburg, Germany
  • Job: Developer


Frameworks: .NET, .NET Core, Blazor, Xamarin.Forms, WPF, Xamarin, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Entity Framework, Mono

Languages: C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, php

Tools: Visual Studio, Tortoise SVN, SQL Server Management Studio, MS Office, Adobe XD, Xamarin, Android Studio, Git


Raspberry Pi raspberry pi picture

Private Projekte die ich gerne mit Raspberry Pi oder Raspberry Pi Pico umsetze

Mit dem Raspberrys kann man sehr gut in Python oder MicroPython einsteigen.


If you have any question you can contact me here


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