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About me, short story

Hi I'm Sven. I have been converting my coffee to code for about 3 years at Iris-Solutions GmbH in Würzburg. Here I am actively working as an developer on C # Blazor-Server customer projects. I also work passively on the Bueffeln.Net app and develop some feature every now and then. I developed the Büffeln-One app with Xamarin. To my field of activitys as backend-developer/web-developer or app-developer also includes technical support for an asp.NET project that we developed together with a hospital and a clinical study. There I´m working as backend-developer or frontend-developer

Profilbild Sven Herrmann Developer Web-Developer Backend-Developer Entwickler


I started my career in electrotechnic and worked in the electronic development for a year. Here my interest on computer and systems grow. Therefore i also wanted to do develop mysqlf in the informatic area and decided to study Business Informations Systems

  • Birthyear 1992
  • Age: 29
  • Website:
  • City: Würzburg, Germany
  • Job: Developer


Frameworks: .NET, .NET Core, Blazor, Xamarin.Forms, WPF, Xamarin, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Entity Framework, Mono

Languages: C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, php

Tools: Visual Studio, Tortoise SVN, SQL Server Management Studio, MS Office, Adobe XD, Xamarin, Android Studio, Git



Wordpressseite erstellung + Hosting

Erstellung und Hosting von einer Wordpressseite für das Le Candele Restautant in Würzburg.

  • Übersichtlich
  • Informativ
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Solle die vorherige unübersichtliche veraltete Joomla seite ersetzen. Zur meiner Umsetzung!

Solutions for posible interview questions

I solved some interview question. You can check it out on my Github here

1. The Member-Management-System

Implement a Member Management System. We need to save and manage information about our members (name and address). Each member can have one or more accounts where he or she can collect points (e.g.: for one international flight with Lufthansa the user gets 150 points) or redeem points from (e.g.: 100 points from his/her account in exchange for a free coffee). Points are stored as a balance on each account. Each account has a name identifying the company from which the points were collected and status telling if the account is active or inactive. Points cannot be redeemed from an inactive or empty account.
The system could cover the following use cases:

  • user creates a new member
  • user creates a new account for a defined member
  • member collects points to an existing account
  • member redeems points from an existing account
  • user can initially import existing members in a JSON format (example is attached)
  • user can export all members based on filter criteria (e.g.: export all members that have at least 20 points on an inactive account)
  • Dump generaded log (generate logfiles)
There is no need to implement the GUI. You can implement the assignment as a console application, desktop application or Web API. It is up to you. My Solution

2. The Employee-Management-WebApi (.NET CORE 3.0) (With UnitTest)

In der Datenbank LocalDB eine neue Tabelle Employees anlegen Spalten: Id, FirstName, LastName, BirthDate, IsActive Einen Controller mit folgenden Routen anlegen:

  • GET ohne Parameter: Gibt alle Mitarbeiter zurück
  • GET mit Parameter BirthDate: Gibt alle Mitarbeiter zurück, die älter sind als das angegebene Datum
  • POST: Legt einen neuen Mitarbeiter an: Validierung: Kein Feld darf leer sein, IsActive wird im Code immer auf TRUE gesetzt.
  • DELETE mit Parameter Id: Löscht den entsprechenden Mitarbeiter
  • Optional PATCH: Es können einzelne Werte eines Mitarbeiters geändert werden. Im Body kann bestimmt werden, welche Eigenschaft geändert und mit welchem Wert zugewiesen wird.
Bitte Dependency Injection verwenden Für alle Routen müssen Unit-Tests existieren. My Solution Web-Api (.NET CORE)


If you have any question you can contact me here